"Money In The Bank, Pimpin Aint Easy."
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  • The Golden Age of Children’s TV, the 90’s.

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  • EP. 1 vs. EP. 208

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    before the finale, when the show was still on and i still took it seriously, it always bugged me how basically there were no repercussions after robin broke barney’s heart. they didn’t fight or anything, and as a shipper, i longed for confrontation. but along the way i realized, barney always put her first. his pride and his feelings came second, so much so that when ted asks him “permission” to get back together with her, he only cares about her happiness (also, you know, there’s the fact that he never saw robin as his to give). this is a man whose heart was broken after he and robin had mutually decided to maybe give their relationship a second try, when she - most frankly - was kind of a bitch and brought kevin back to macclaren’s without even giving him a heads up. barney realized robin was his soul mate and broke up with nora, and then his world fell apart. still, he respects robin and her decision, and despite being in the right, he is the one to ask her if they’re still friends, proving to be there for her in a particularly hard time.

    mere months later, after being broken up for years and with no signs of them rekindling their relationship, ted abruptly tells an emotionally fragile robin - who just told her fiancé about her infertility and subsequently got dumped - he loves her. he then proceeds to shut her out when she admits she doesn’t reciprocate his feelings, despite her telling him she needs him. 

    yes, i believe you are correct. it’s time to play guess the endgame again.

    Had to share because for a while there I also realized that the “messed up” guy respected this woman’s wishes more than the “romantic guy” but a lot of people still haven’t realized that.

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